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Temple Secrets and the Lady of the Mirror - 17MAY2024

The discussion this week about the "lady of the mirror" highlights the concept of reflecting on one's life without judgment, aligning with the principles of the 'law of attraction'. This principle suggests that maintaining a positive mindset and visualizing your desires can help attract those very outcomes into your life. The mirror symbolizes introspection and self-awareness, encouraging a nonjudgmental examination of oneself to facilitate personal growth and manifestation.

Transitioning to the secrets of temple rituals, we touched upon the importance of honoring and respecting the esoteric knowledge contained within these sacred practices. Temple rituals, often shrouded in mystery and sacred symbolism, require a deep level of reverence from both the seeker and the keepers of this hidden wisdom. This respect ensures the purity and potency of the rituals, allowing the practitioner to fully benefit from the transformative power they hold.

Chantelle's initiation into various energy cultivation exercises, such as Pangu Shengong (Qigong), 8 Fields of Human Existence Flow, Blue Ray, and Phoenix Force, places Chantelle in a unique position to teach and guide others in these practices. These exercises are designed to harness and cultivate internal energy, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Learning More About Energy Cultivation Exercises

For those interested in learning these forms, here are some brief descriptions and links for more detailed information:

  1. Pangu Shengong (Qigong):

  • A system of Qigong that focuses on cultivating life force energy (Qi) through specific movements, breathing techniques, and meditation.

  • Pangu Shengong Official Site

  1. 8 Fields of Human Existence Flow:

  • This practice involves understanding and balancing the eight fields of human existence, promoting harmony and flow within the individual's life.

  1. Blue Ray:

  • The Blue Ray energy is often associated with spiritual healing and protection. Practitioners work with this frequency to enhance their spiritual connection and heal themselves and others.

  1. Phoenix Force:

  • This practice harnesses the mythical energy of the Phoenix, symbolizing rebirth and renewal. It involves advanced energy techniques to transform and rejuvenate one's personal energy.

When taught by a knowledgeable and initiated practitioner like Chantelle, these practices can greatly benefit individuals seeking to enhance their energy cultivation and spiritual growth. Each system offers unique methods and philosophies, providing diverse tools for personal development and healing.

Part 1: Kidney Fields and Associated Meridians

Focus Areas:

  • Kidney Fields

  • Kidney and Bladder Meridians

  • Spine Point L2

  • Water Element (Emotions of Fear/Anxiety)

Healing Techniques:

  • Blue Ray (Galactic Energy): This method involves the use of high-frequency galactic blue light to cleanse and rejuvenate energy fields.

  • Phoenix Fire: A transformative energy that is symbolic of the mythical Phoenix, used to burn away impurities and rebirth new, pure energy.

Purpose: The objective was to clear the energy blockages in the kidney fields, kidney, and bladder meridians, which are often associated with the water element and can manifest as fear or anxiety. By addressing these areas, the session aimed to restore balance and promote emotional stability.

Part 2: Dai Mai Meridian and Organ Healing

Focus Areas:

  • Dai Mai Meridian: Also known as the Belt Channel, it encircles the body horizontally and influences various organs.

  • Organs: Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Spleen

Healing Techniques:

  • Geschichtes Chant: An ancient chant invoking divine energy and light to unlock and heal trapped emotions and energies.

Purpose: This part of the session targeted the Dai Mai Meridian and the associated organs, which play crucial roles in the body's energy flow and emotional health. By using the Geschichtes Chant, the session aimed to release locked emotions and restore the proper function and harmony of these organs.

Healing Session Outcomes

  • Emotional Cleansing: Both parts of the session were designed to address deep-seated emotional issues, particularly fear and anxiety.

  • Energy Balance: Clearing and balancing the meridians and organs ensures a more harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

  • Spiritual Renewal: Utilizing powerful energies like the Blue Ray and Phoenix Fire, as well as ancient chants, promotes spiritual cleansing and renewal.

Notes on Techniques

  • Blue Ray: Known for its calming and healing properties, it is often used in energy work to soothe and heal emotional and physical disturbances.

  • Phoenix Fire: Symbolic of rebirth, this energy is used to cleanse and purify, removing negative influences and allowing for new growth.

  • Geschichtes Chant: This ancient chant is believed to harness divine light and energy, facilitating deep emotional release and healing.


Today's session focused on addressing both physical and emotional aspects by clearing energy blockages and restoring balance through advanced energetic techniques. Participants may experience a sense of emotional release, increased clarity, and overall well-being.

Affirmation: 'I awaken the truth within me. I hear my soul's message clearly.'

Enjoy! Chantelle.

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