The Genius Insight

The Genius Insight analyzes your body using voice spectral analysis to determine specific stressors in your body. Identify hormonal imbalances, viruses, bacteria and pathogenic activity. Review spinal energy flow, electro-acupuncture, aura analysis and more. With the help of advanced algorithms, your Practitioner (Chantelle) can select from thousands of energetic signatures and frequencies to help stimulate your body's own innate healing ability.

STEP 1: DOWNLOAD THE APP: The Insight Quanta Capsule is a standalone app that you install on your Apple or Andriod Smartphone/Tablet, which enables you to consult with your Genius Insight Practitioner (Chantelle) without having to leave your home.

STEP 2: BOOK AN ASSESSMENT TIME: You are not required to be present. This time just allows space for Chantelle to create your protocol. 


STEP 3: Record your voice sample and photo using the Insight Quanta Cap app, and send the file directly to your practitioner so he/scan them,

STEP 4: Your Practitioner (Chantelle) then downloads Quanta File (your voice recording and photo), runs the Genius Insight Scan and Analysis, and can then sends you a protocol via email of rebalancing frequencies based on the analysis results - Quanta Cap Code

STEP 5: You will receive an email from Insight Health with a unique Quant Cap Code that allows you to import the frequencies into your Capsule app. You can then run your rebalancing sessions whenever you want, in the comfort of your home, or even on the go. The frequencies you download into your Capsule app will last for a week before they expire in readiness for the next batch from your practitioner. An example of Quanta Cap Code is vTep6CydCb

STEP 6: Go to Genius Quanta Capsule App > Import Quanta Code> Playlist > Load > All items to tray> Adjust time to suit you, 1 to 30min> Play. Then place the phone/devise close to your body, you are welcome to turn the sound off, as it will still work.

In short, with the Insight Quanta Capsule, you can receive personalized therapy from your practitioner without having to go and see them for each session. It's an easy and practical tool to maintain your therapy.

Your Insight Quanta Capsule license is valid for life, you can receive as many sets of Quanta codes which are a playlist of frequencies (assessment results) as you like.

Each playlist is valid for seven days before it expires.

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