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The Genius Insight


FREE 10-week detox program to all Genius Subscribers, Starts Jan 2024

The Genius Insight analyzes your body using voice spectral analysis to determine specific stressors in your body. Identify hormonal imbalances, viruses, bacteria and pathogenic activity. Review spinal energy flow, electro-acupuncture, aura analysis and more. With the help of advanced algorithms, your Practitioner (Chantelle) can select from thousands of energetic signatures and frequencies to help stimulate your body's own innate healing ability.

In short, with the Insight Quanta Capsule, you can receive personalised therapy from your practitioner without having to go and see them for each session. It's an easy and practical tool to maintain your therapy. "It's your Doc in your pocket"

Your Insight Quanta Capsule license is valid for life, you can receive as many sets of Quanta codes which are a playlist of frequencies (assessment results) as you like.

Each playlist is valid for seven days before it expires.


  • Subscribe to "The Genius Plan" and received 4 x weekly protocols/playlists designed especially for you. What are you waiting for? 

  • Single 7 day Protocol, received 1 x protocol/playlist design especially for you. 

  • Optional Extra: Is a special Energetic CODE developed by Chantelle with her Intuitive skills. These special CODEs can be added to any GENIUS protocol/playlist. These are very powerful and great for emergency situations or extreme issues. 

** There is an additional cost for the Genius Insight Quanta Capsule after a two-week trial period 

(One-off in-app purchase of $115NZD)**

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