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Receptivity of the Energy of Life - The Bear (healing) 17NOV2023

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

This week we focus on the Energy of life, and healing. The receptivity prayer from Angel-Geschichte is a new energy alchemy created for humanity. The group treatment includes the Earth Element, (Stomach/Spleen), large intestine, cranial nerve - vagus nerve which is linked to the digestion system. Enjoy - Chantelle

Bear Spirit - Healing - Card from the Oracle pack The Sacred Forest by Denise Linn

"You can sense the presence of the bear, even before you see him, You turn slowly and look deep into his eyes, as a long lineage of healers - invisible, yet real - step out from beyond the trees and surround you both. When you reach out and touch his thick fur, you feel healing energy instantly surge through you."

The spirit of the bear says: "You're a healer and a channel for the life force of the universe. You are strong and grounded. Healing is unfolding and/or a situation is being resolved. Have faith that all is well."

Energy of Life - Receptivity - By Angel & Geschichte

“Please help me be open to that which you instilled into me, because right now I'm afraid. I'm afraid to experience that which deepens me. I'm afraid to experience that which causes me to have greater wisdom. I'm afraid of your teachings because your teachings rip me apart,

leave me feeling shredded, broken, and I don't want to feel broken. I want to feel whole. So please teach me how to receive what you're offering,in the spirit in which you're offering it, instead of the spirit of abuse. Please help me comprehend your greatest wish for me. Please help me see the potential that you see in me. Please help me feel what it's like to experience being that potential, so that I have less fear, less resistance, less stubbornness. Please help me understand our friendship, because right now I don't feel like you're my friend. Please help me feel your love for me, because right now I feel punished. Please help me comprehend the bigger picture at play, of which I am a part, and help me understand the point of my suffering. Please help me feel supported instead of abandoned, connected instead of discarded. Please help me feel your gentleness instead of your harshness.

I want to be cooperative in my own becoming, but I'm also terrified of what it takes for me to become. Please help me let go of all that I'm afraid to lose so that I can relax inside. Please help me realize that my strength comes from you and you are not against me but actually the core of me. Please help me live in a way that reflects that truth so that my experience of life is wholeness, connection, consistency, and calm.”

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