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Podcasts & Interviews - Energetic Alchemy & Energy Healing

Watch the latest interview the Rose McNair (Radio Host) regarding all things in the energetic realm, including energy healing

May 2023

We discuss the 8 Fields of Human Existence (teachings from Angel Geschichte) 8 Fields Qigong (a simple yoga flow sequence) and also have fun discussing Arcturians and Elementals. Plus a group treatment towards the end. Enjoy!

April 2023

We discuss the 3 Pillars (the 3 types of therapies), who is Geschichte and Blu Ray, oracle cards plus more! The energy treatment includes the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood), organs cavities, emotions with Pangu & Blu Ray Beings.

March 2023

We discuss energetic alchemy, How to cultivate vital life force with Qigong, Energy treatment includes fusion of Qi (Life Force), 12 Sensers (Cranial Nerves), Spine Alignment (Hautoujuaji) points), Chakra Alignment using Blu Ray and Pangu energy.


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