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Arcturus Gateway: A Message from the Arcturians - Friday Live

With the alignment of the star "Arcturus" and our Planet Earth this week, There has been lots of Arcturain energy around through the Arcturus Gateway, so we work with this energy and the Arturuans and Blu Beings (Blu Ray). Aligning the Cranial Nerves (12 Senses), and Spine energetic systems in the group treatment, which is after the very fascinating message from the Arcturians.

Arcturus Gateway ~ On October 17, the Sun makes its annual alignment with one of the brightest stars in the night sky, Arcturus.

As our Sun comes into alignment with Arcturus, we are able to merge with its energy and receive its incredible frequencies on Earth. We should feel this Gateway of Arcturian energy with us from October 16th through to the 18th. Arcturus is about 25 times bigger than our Sun and is located north of the celestial equator. You can see it shining brightly from both hemispheres, and it has a distinct orange-red hue.

As a bright shining star, Acturus captured the attention of our ancient ancestors.

Many myths and legends were shared about Arcturus, and it was used as a guiding star for those making the long journey across the seas.

In western astrology, Arcturus is believed to be a lucky star that carries the energy of prosperity and determination. It indicates that if we work hard and are fair and honest in our pursuits, we will be justly rewarded.

In Vedic astrology, Arcturus is known as Swati, which means “very beneficient.”

Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic and prophet has also channeled information from Arcturus, saying it was home to a highly advanced alien race. Other psychics and mystics have also channeled information from this star.

There are also Arcturian starseeds on Earth, which are those that descended from Arcturus and feel a strong connection to the star.

As the Sun aligns with Arcturus, we are able to receive its light codes directly to the planet and straight into our bodies.

These light codes will enter as a column of bright blue light that descends from the heavens straight down into the top of our heads. From October 16th-October 18th, visualize this blue column of light shooting through the center of your body.

Feel this bright blue light, lifting your mood, opening your own energy gates, connecting you to the abundance all around, and inviting more joy into every cell of your body.

Arcturians are light-hearted beings. They remind us to not take life so seriously and to remember that this is all part of a much bigger “game.”

While life feels so real and so serious to us while we are living it, things are not really what they seem. In fact, our limited capabilities mean that we miss so much. We are only ever seeing part of the details, so we must not get too attached to what we are seeing, hearing, and feeling.

Arcturians are incredibly gentle and loving beings, they do not know hate the way humans do.

As our Sun aligns with Arcturian energy, we can all be reminded that our ability to love is so much greater than our ability to hate.

Ever feel that you have been unfairly treated? It seems that way at the time but everything makes sense in the end.

When you step out of your human body, you will see how everything is connected and everything has its place. Even the notion of feeling unfairly treated has its place!

The Universe is not random, there is a structure and order, just like every cell of your body has structure and order. It is just that when you are in a human body, this structure and order appears somewhat chaotic to you.

This is how it should be, for if you learned the order, the game would be up! And you are here to play a game of sorts.

Even though you may be thinking – I want out of this game! Your soul agreed to be here. As hard as that sounds, this game is not just a game for entertainment, it’s a game for something much more.

We cannot share all of the information with you here on this “game”, but if you ask your own heart and soul you may just receive a memory or a ping, reminding you that nothing is as it seems.

You may even be able to journey yourself back through the hall of records and see yourself before you came into this life mapping out how your avatar was going to “play the game”.

This Universe is so big and grand and there are so many forces we are feeling at different times. You work on the planets in your solar system (astrology), but really, you are connected and part of all of it.

You cannot just take the focus of one planet or one star and say- there, that’s it. The Universe is not so easy to decode, try as you may!

We can tell you that while the Universe and stars like us are a good place to look, an even better place to look is inside of you.

Rather than look to the movements of the planets, look to the movements of yourself.

Look to the subtle changes and reflections that are taking place in your own inner Universe.

But we understand, sometimes it is easy and even necessary to look outside of yourself rather than within. That is why you have eyes to see and lips to tell and feelings to feel!

Humans are complex and yet so simple all at the same time. But know that we always come in love. You can ask to connect and talk to us at any time, and if you feel love then you know it is us.

Your planet is about to go through a huge metamorphosis and shift in the coming months. You should see how excited — and a little bit concerned, we all are across the Galaxy.

Think of yourself as part of Earth’s energy. The entire planet is getting an upgrade and moving up to new levels, which means so too are you.

Big things are in the works for Earth, but don’t worry so much about it all. You should be used to all this by now! Know that even though things seem like the end they are never the end.

Remember that nothing is really as it seems so don’t get so attached to outcomes and the things that find you. Learn to laugh it off a little for it’s never as real as you think it is.

You think that life has a plan for you but actually it is the other way around. You are a plan for life. You get to decide what life is and how it needs to be “lived.”

Over the years humans have tried to create some order and structure for comfort and security, but there are better ways coming.

If you are struggling, know you are not alone. And if you are not struggling, know it is your job to help those who are. Help each other like you would want to be helped.

Don’t take things for granted and know that all of this is temporary. You may be struggling today, but some day you won’t be. You may be fine today, but struggling tomorrow. So don’t judge. And do go out of your way to help each other.

You will see that this “game” you are playing is not really about how much material items you can possess – that is not how you collect the points. The points you want come from other things. The points have nothing to do with success and everything to do with how you show up when you are called. Love, the Arcturians. ©Mégane Claire

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