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Earth Spirit - Stability - Grounding - Friday Live 22MAR24

Today's session focused on Grounding through several easy and advanced techniques, a great way for stability, slowing down life, and connecting to the Earth's Energies. Also, Letter Burning - a great way of letting go (see another post on how to do this), and the Earth Star and Root Chakras. The Water Element (Kidney and bladder) and the Wood Element (Liver and gallbladder) were featured in the group treatment - Enjoy! Chantelle

See below, for more on the Earth Star Chakra and a message from Earth Spirit.

Earth Star Chakra:

Colour: Black but turns Magenta when activated

Description: Nature Awareness. Grounding point of the whole chakra system. It aligns you with the Earth's magnetic core and connects you to Mother Earth.

Activation: Your personal link to the Earth's life force, to the crystalline Grid and the Divine Light contained in the Earth.

Earth Spirit Says:

Be present in the moment. Slow down and let go of the busyness and frenetic pace of life. Explore your roots. Honour your past. Go deep. Reflect on your life. - Denise Linn (The Sacred Forest Oracle Cards)

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