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Bioenergetics and Your Voice

I'm so excited! Voice scanning has finally been released by NES HEALTH... This means you are able to do your OWN 'NES scan' from your mobile or computer, anywhere in the world.

There is no need to have an in-clinic session, we can review your scan via a Zoom Call... but if you still prefer to see me in person, that is OK too!

  • Simply log in to the NES portal:

  • Go to scans,

  • Click on the 'BWS voice scan' button

**Make sure you schedule a reviewing appointment, so we can go over the scan together ***

I would prefer you do your scan just before our meeting or during our meeting so that we have the latest information. If you are new to NES, please book a session online, and I will create a login for you.

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

- Chantelle French 0212997769

From NES Health:

As we’ve shown through decades of research as well as active body-field assessments since 2003, the body has an active and dynamic information system that directs energy and the quality of communication in the body.

Using new technology, we’re able to measure the integrity of that information system and where it needs support.

This not only indicates what functions or systems of the body may also need support, but why they need support. It’s a way of exploring physical and emotional wellness from the perspective of root causes.

In the past, we’ve relied on a scanning device to interact with the human body-field and the information it carries. But as other bioenergetic research has shown, there are various ways to interact with the information of this field, and that includes through the voice.

Bioenergetics and Your Voice

Our co-founder, Peter Fraser, even talked about how the heart uses sound waves to carry and then imprint information into the blood, so we’ve known about sound’s ability to carry body-field information from the beginning. Even at the macro level, we can tell a lot about someone’s health, energy levels, and emotions just by hearing them speak.

At the quantum level, that same information is available in far greater detail. Every part of the body holographically carries information about the entire body-field. Several parts of the body are then involved in producing the voice, which is imprinted by all of them. This gives us an even more complete holographic picture of the body-field than any individual part could offer.

When we speak, we are imprinting the world around us with our own information, giving us a glimpse of just how powerful the spoken word really is!

So in short, by capturing a recording of the voice, we have a record of the body-field that we can compare to our map of the body-field with the same matching techniques we use for our “hand scan” assessments. Each software test item is checked multiple times against the information presented in the audio file, just as we have always checked against the information present in the field from the skin.

A Quick Note About Matching: Peter Fraser carefully analyzed the body's different body-fields and found a way to embed that knowledge into our scanning software. When you're scanned, it compares your body-fields to the known "healthy" body-fields. These quick comparisons reveal what needs to be corrected.

For several years, we’ve been interested to pursue this as a new option for assessments, as computers and smartphones have microphones built in and this could eliminate the cost and delay of shipping and receiving scanners.

With the forced closure of businesses everywhere in 2020, and the increased need for remote scanning, it was the perfect moment to put it to the test.

We tested it for almost a year with a handful of practitioners and we got the feedback we were looking for: while we know we’re assessing the same body-field information, at times the results felt more accurate than ever!

Explaining the New Voice Scan

It's understandable -- thinking this new form of scanning is inaccurate. Or, confusing because you're not even touching anything.

That is, until you consider this one, incredibly simple aspect: your voice is unique.

Your emotions, your life story, all the information of who you are and how you feel is present in your voice. This is what the microphone and the NES scanning software is recording and assessing.

Once again, after careful testing, we've found the voice scan is just as accurate as the hand scanner.

What this means is: you are now able to get your scan results quicker and easier than ever before.

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