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Healing Hands - HIT

Energy healing with intention and intuition can be done at a distance.

  • 1 h
  • 150 New Zealand dollars
  • Beyond the Veil - 71 Marua Road, Ellerslie|Zoom Call - Online

Service Description

HIT employs “external Qi emission”. By tapping into the universal energy which is then focused and radiated into the patient’s body lying on a table, while sitting or remotely. This alters the energetic matrix of the patient’s, energetic fields, including body fields, five elements (organs), meridians, Huatoujuaji spine points, emotional states and causes their physical body to be regenerated. The patient may feel a gentle warmth or tingling begin to flow in different parts of the body. It can be used with great success on anything from a mild headache to broken bones to fatigue/fibromyalgia as well as chronic illnesses such as diabetes.  Work can be at a distance, even hundreds of miles away, or when the client is asleep. Healing Integration Therapy (HIT) is best applied when the client is in a resting state, therefore can be done with the client is asleep. Early morning sessions (5 am NZT) are available. Please make contact prior to booking these sessions via Wix App, Facebook Messenger (video chat), Zoom. Thanks.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that if you need to change or cancel your appointment to please give us at least 24 hours notice. The more notice you can give us the better, we love lots of notice!!! Failure to notify us within 24hrs will result in a cancellation fee of the full cost of your appointment.

Contact Details

  • 71 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand

  • Auckland, New Zealand

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