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The Eclipse, Vortexes, Magical Alchemy - Vagus Nerve

This session discusses vortexes, solar eclipses and magical alchemy (Merlin). These are all fascinating topics; below is more on the Eclipse and how it will affect us. As always, a treatment portion starts at around the 15-minute mark. The first part of the treatment session focuses on the cranial nerves, especially the vagus nerve (CN10), our antenna. The triple warmer meridian (fire element) was also included and cleared with Blue Ray galactic energy. The second part includes the vagus nerve again and the kidneys (anxiety and fear), and we used Geschichte's Ancient Chant (divine light) to move these dysfunctional states. Enjoy!

The Solar Eclipse

On 8th April 2024, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse, during which the moon will block the sun's energy. This will not be visible in New Zealand but will be in the USA.

  • How does this event affect our human fields?

  • What happens to the Earth's energy fields?

  • All valid questions.

The Earth's Energy Fields comprise of natural waves at the planetary level, including vortexal magnetic longitudinal (compression) waves from the Sun. These waves create our gravity and earth grids and affect our life energy on Earth, including the plant life cycle, our biology, immunity, and our human fields, especially fields 1, 2, and 3, which are our soul fields, encompassing our ancestral memory and collective consciousness.

What happens during an Eclipse?

When the Moon obstructs the Sun's Energy during a Total Solar Eclipse, it scabbles the longitudinal (compression) wave, the Vortex Implosion, and the magnetic compression

collapses, affecting us personally.

  • The immunity system is compromised.

  • Parasites (earth and unearthly) are extremely active.

  • Fields 1, 2 and 3 are affected (the soul and soul memory fields)

  • Affects Lucid dreaming (not recommended to do during a Solar Eclipse)

What can you do?

  • Ground yourself

  • Hold space

  • Move your awareness and immerse yourself in the ocean scape,

  • Tune into the coherence of the long ocean waves, and the deep rhythms of the ocean and planet.

  • If you can, visit a beach to help immerse yourself in the oceanscape.

Reference: Dan Winter (

Today's card is from Pack - Sacred Light Oracle by Anna Stark.

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