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The Dragon's Duel - Inner Conflict - Lower Abdomen 8MAR2024

This week, we discussed our inner conflicts and our soul's journey and included teachings from Angel-Geschichte. (See below) The group treatment featured five element theory - fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Healing with Pangu and the Blue Beings energies, releasing old emotions and clearing dysfunction states, especially from the lower centre.

The Energy of Life and The Soul's Life Experience - Memes from Angel-Geschichte

  • "The captain of the ship (me) is bigger than the perception field; Teaching is in the Perception; expansion happens in the soul" - Angel-Geschichte.

  • The Human experience is a learning experience, an intense ongoing class, that transforms your soul into an unfadable protentional state.

  • The Energy of life wants to know the Heights of its potential (Greatness)

Enjoy Chantelle.

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