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The Cave and the Wind Faery - Communications and Metal

This week's theme is communication and how our thoughts integrate and affect others. As a resonant feedback system, creativity is also born.

The Thought Field Statement:

Connected through thoughts and Ideas,

Mine and yours are inseparable

Potentials are infinite, and waiting

It is responsive to invisible stimuli (other thoughts and emotions). Upon resonance, it can adopt thoughts as its own and create thoughts through imagination and memory. It is connected to this current life and all other lives.

It responds to energy of all kinds by resonating and creating feedback through more thought.

Group Treatment

Communications/Electrical Field. Cleared with Blue-ray & Phoenix Light

Metal Element: Lungs / Middle Centre (chest) Cleared with Geschichte Song (Divine Light)

Communications/Electrical Field:

Field 4 of Human Existence is the Electrical and communications field, which heavily relies on concepts of energy flow, signals, and connectivity, somewhat metaphorically related to the flow of Qi in TCM. In 8 Field theory:

  • Field 4: Infinite forms of communication occur every second of human life. This field is a network of receptors and responders connecting all fields.

  • This field is easily compromised by physical and emotional stressors. When communications suffer, the entire field suffers, and manifestations into the physical are distorted.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), how can organs relate to different fields and body parts? Each organ is linked to specific elements, emotions, and even body parts. The lungs, associated with the metal element, are located in the chest, specifically the middle centre.

Metal Element in TCM:

  1. Element: Metal

  2. Organs: Lungs (Yin), Large Intestine (Yang)

  3. Emotion: Grief/Sadness

  4. Season: Autumn

  5. Color: White

  6. Tissue: Skin

  7. Sense Organ: Nose

  8. Direction: West

Lungs in TCM:

  • Location: Middle center of the chest

  • Functions: Govern Qi (energy) and respiration, control channels and blood vessels, regulate water passages, control skin and hair, and open into the nose.

By understanding these connections, we can appreciate how ancient wisdom about the body's energy systems can metaphorically relate to and enhance our comprehension of modern technological systems.

Services and Events

Are you interested in an individual healing session, learning the 8 Field flow qigong or learning more... here are some options. Otherwise, contact me

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