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Soul Authority and Integration (Soul Alchemy)

Today's session is a SPECIAL, where we discuss what and how to use emotional alchemies. The theme today is a Soul Alchemy which was created by Angel-Geschichte in an advanced energetic session with 5 other practitioners. Answering the question, how can we (humanity) counteract the effects of a particular formula/substance which the human population has been subject to. ... basically it comes down to our soul. This alchemy is a story/pathway which can help.. Listen to the Soundtrack 3 x times per day. (Homework). The original soundtrack is below. ..

Hint: listen to each word. Each word has energy behind it. If you fall asleep, it's ok! re-listen to the alchemy again & again... you are welcome to listen to the alchemy when asleep at night.. Have fun :) - Chantelle

Original Soundtrack from Angel-Geschichte:

Created by Angelique Moselle (a human known as 'Angel'), Geschichte (Energetic beings), & Keith Coley (backing soundtrack). Artwork by Angelique Moselle.


Soul Authority and Integration - Transcript.

Ever since I've gotten here, I've felt more and more lost it seems,

When I first arrived,

I still felt somewhat connected,

and life felt easier in that place, more smooth.

But I quickly learned that I didn't have any power

Because children don't have power here

So I quickly learned that I did not have authority

Something else had authority

Whether it was:

  • a parent a teacher

  • a policeman

  • a doctor

  • anyone but me

And more and more I learned to surrender, to whatever authority made its way into my life,

And more and more I felt out of control, disconnected, lost

And I found myself searching for strength, any kind of strength

If I saw strength in something or someone, I didn't even discern what kind of strength it was.

I just noticed it was stronger than me

  • maybe it was a person,

  • maybe it was an idea,

  • maybe it was a career path,

But something that seemed stronger than me, and I handed my life over to it.

And I did this over and over again,

  • in different situations,

  • in different relationships,

Until I really had no idea, no idea who I was, other than how I was connected to whatever this stronger thing was.

And so in truth, I ended up forming an identity.

Through all kinds of weaknesses, telling myself, that I had attached myself to things that were strong.

And one by one, I have experienced the collapse of these unions

Experiencing my identity crumbling

I'm finding myself lost over and over again

But behind it all, there was always this quieter voice

This vague presence

Some kind of whisper, which had some kind of magnetism

and I found myself

  • paying attention to it

  • dismissing it,

  • paying attention to it

  • dismissing it

because this world tells me to dismiss it.

Even the stories of God, this world tells

of have some kind of loud God

Some kind of flamboyant God

Surely couldn't be this quiet magnetism

but the curiosity in me, kept moving toward the quiet magnetism


  • the closer I move toward it

  • the louder it becomes

  • the closer I move toward it

  • the more intimidating it becomes

  • and also the more comforting it becomes

The more I move toward it,

  • the more energy I feel

  • the more activity I feel,

  • the more intelligence I feel

  • the more I move toward it,

  • the more and awe I feel

And I've become close enough, that I feel, I stand in its greatness, at least for moments each day

and I'm ready to feel,

  • the true radiance of it

  • the true magnificence of it

  • the true love of it

  • and there therefore the true power of it

I'm ready to surrender to this power

To let it take over every piece and particle of me

To combine with my essence, through and through,

to saturate every single perception of me

to fill in any empty space

so, that every fiber of me,

  • all expression of me

  • all of the energy of me

  • all of the essence of me

  • all of the manifestation of me

and every possible

  • way

  • form

  • vibration

  • wave

  • frequency

  • particle

  • etc

Is this quiet magnetism

This quiet power, that has never left me

But it's called me home, over and over, and over

  • and I allow it to transform me

  • to invigorate me

  • to guide me

  • to influence me

  • to correct me

And to have authority over me

In absolute harmony and coherence,


  • I want to know and experience my true energy

  • I want to know and experience my true authority

  • I want to know and experience my true harmony

  • I am eternally connected

  • I am the connection itself

  • I am eternally guided,

  • I am the guidance itself

  • I am eternally illuminated

  • I am the light itself

  • I am the essence of the Creator.

And from this point forward

I allow the essence, that I truly am

The energy of Creation itself

the energy of love itself

the energy of life itself

I allow this energy to animate me

in every way,

through every word,

through every action

through every thought,

through every emotion

I finally allow myself true integration

And the power and peace

That results.

- allow yourselves to come back


If you are interested in learning how to do Emotional Alchemy. I recommend doing Angel-Geschichte Emotional Alchemy Course.

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