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Leap Day - Merkabah - Headaches - Wood Element 1MAR2024

In today's session, we discussed Lead Day and the Merkabah, Focusing on our self-awareness of Authorities. The Group Treatment was on The Wood Element, The Gallbladder, Emotional Anger, and Frustration. Headaches seemed to be a theme, and an example of virtual needing was demonstrated, Austim codes included. Blue Beings and Pangu Energies were used to clear and charge; enjoy! - Chantelle

Leap Day 2024 - by Philippa Cummins

Feb 29th 2024 Thursday

A rare day.

Not just because it is a leap year, but the planets are lining up in such a way that is rare!

The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all in Pisces.

At 9.34pm on the 28th, the Sun and Mercury were exactly together.

At 4.05am on the 29th Mercury will sit exactly with the Sun.

At 10.25am on the 29th the Sun will sit with Saturn...

So, to break it down-

The Sun brings light, consciousness and illumination. It has been very busy lately sending out solar flares, which assist the upgrades of our consciousness. The Sun is in Pisces every year at this same time- usually Feb 28th or March 1st.

Mercury also goes through Pisces every year, not always on this same day though, in fact it is often still in Aquarius at this time of year.

Saturn has a cycle of 29.5 years so we can look back at the periods where it has been in Pisces- well I did it for you and here they are...nowhere in there was this triple conjunction...







1817-19- Feb 28th 1818 the Sun and Saturn were conjunct at 8 degrees 40 mins Pisces...





1670-72....ah.....on Feb 28th 1671, The Sun and Saturn were conjunct at the exact same degrees they now sit at...

So of course I looked at history- someone tried to steal the crown jewels...and a meteorite landed in Germany. Do some digging about the various monarchies, religions etc of the world....there is more to find....

But look how rare this is...

For you personally, it is time to step into the mastery of your physical journey here, and also to master the mind. To own yourself...

But remember that Saturn is also the authorities outside ourselves...the conditioning and rules, the limits and restrictions, and those who tell us who and what we should be. Initially our authorities are our parents, then our teachers, bosses and such. It rules the governments, the banks, the big corporations, the these areas carefully right now.

If ever there was a time to listen to your soul energy it is now- what feels right for you, what are you here for? How are you going to take mastery and authority over your life path? Boundaries are needed, and good self-worth is needed- Pisces wants to blend and merge but has no boundaries that separate us, but this energy shows us that we are all very much individuals, here with purpose.

Mars has been squaring Jupiter-Jupiter rules the truth, our beliefs and what we are educated with, the law, and the media...Many things out in media around the defence forces and unlawful mandates, and just look what has happened with media today- do some research in to who owns Warner Bros...

There is a Mercury sextile Jupiter happening at 10.51pm Friday- could bring some big news....

Dare to question, dare to step up. The truth is there to be seen...

Open your mind, your heart and your soul, it is time to really see just how we should be living.

This happens after the Moon moves in to Scorpio just after 4pm and squares Pluto at 6.30pm....secrets uncovered....keep an open mind, this may just be what we have all been waiting for ...

Life's too short to be afraid, step inside the Sun <3 - Phillippa Cummins

Today's Card: Universal Merkabah

Affirmation: I ignite my scared Merkabah with light language. I am free from the control of others.

Friday Live - Session - 1 March 2024

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