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Courage - Year of the Dragon - Olfactory Nerve - 9FEB24

Coming from North Carolina (USA) - with the New River close by, which is 2nd oldest, 10-360 million years old, flows north; lots of wildlife: hawks, crows, ravens, deer, squirrels, and woodpeckers.

2024 - THE YEAR OF THE YANG WOOD DRAGON - The beginning

of the 13 lunar cycles, the beginning of a new year.

The Dragon is one of the most auspicious signs in the Chinese zodiac because of its ability to swim, fly, walk on land, and travel between dimensions, just like us.

So, when making your new moon wishes for the next month and 2024, draw on the courage and power that this dragon energy symbolizes.

"Since Aristotle's De Anima, consensus has shaped our view of the world through the lens of the five senses. The brain shows us that we are wired for the synthesis of 12. Some of them are explicitly for our individual awareness, while others are for collective (community) benefit. It's time we got them all firing to navigate and animate the analogue world that's being challenged by digital (two-sense) AI. Limitless Humans will show the possibilities that cannot be reduced to technological contrivances and will make the proposition of Fully Living the most attractive form of living" - Dr David Martin.

Today's Card: Courage - The Lion and the Rose

In today's group treatment, we focus on the cranial nerves with galactic energy from the Blu Ray (Beings); then we move on to learning about energetic CODE's and you get to feel a CODE made during a 12 Senses workshop with Dr. David Martin

Cranial Nerve: 12 Senses: CN 1: Olfactory - Smell - Homing sense

CODE: CN1: 781646808917 Failure to Purity

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