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Angelic Realm and The Phoenix - Cranial Nerves 15MAR24

This session starts with card #1, the Angelic Realm, and then we move on to #29, The Phoenix. Both cards represent the number 1, new beginnings.

The group treatment includes an Ancient Chant of divine light that clears darkness, especially in the Chest (Heart and Lungs). Then, we move onto the Cranial Nerves, clearing all 12 senses with Blue Ray Galactic Energy. Overall, it is a very intense session of clearing old energies and activating the senses to receive new information. The 12 Senses Qigong workshop link is below.

Enjoy Chantelle

As mentioned, The workshop to learn 12 Senses Qigong with Keith & Angel - via Zoom

The date and time have now been shifted to:

Tuesday 23rd April 12pm NZT (Monday 22nd April 8 pm EDT)

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