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Cultivate Life Force Health System

Cultivate Life Force Health System (CLFHS)

CLFHS was created by Keith Coley, Angelique (Angel) Robbins and Geschichte

CLFHS is not only about our own individual health of energy healing - mind, body spirit, but rather whom can we become as a group, a society, as humanity?  How loving, kind and considerate we could be.

The capacity to communicate with one another with or without words.  The ability to connect remotely and consider others thoughts and emotions.  How far could we take this?

There are three parts to CLFHS which are transmitted 24/7 to members:

  1. Life-force energy

  2. Universal Codes

  3. Personalise Codes


Life-force Energy:

Remotely the CLFHS sends Life-force energy 24/7 (nonstop) consistently energising your body’s Life-force, allowing the body to heal, be strong and evolve.


Universal Codes:

Through Entrainment a natural phenomenon in which one entity resonates synchronously with another in response to its dominant frequency of vibration. Just like how one tuning fork can activate another tuning fork. Or when two people have a genuine connection, and we radiate positive, constructive or optimistic vibration, then our soul's charge one another.


If you give the right entrainment ‘note’ to a person in an unhealthy dysfunctional state consistently, they will start to resonate and vibrate and have a sympathetic resonance response with the healthy entrainment note.

For example:

  • If you suffer from illness/hardship, the entrainment of a health note or chord (multiple notes) may assist


Sometimes you need someone/something to introduce the proper notes/chord so the body can remember what notes it should be and energetically readjust to the correct note/chord.


CLFHS has developed a library of Entrainment Notes / Chords these are called Universal codes.

These Universal Entrainment codes are broadcast to every single member along with Life-force 24/7


Personalised Codes:

Additionally, 48 / 72hrs after start-up, personalised entrainment codes will be included in the broadcast for you. These personalised entrainment codes work on your three key issues, which can either be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. And can be adjusted as required

​I am a qualified practitioner of CLFHS

  • I will be your guide/mentor and;

  • I will be practising PGSG for more than 2 hours per day for my members.​

CLFHS is a monthly subscription service

What is Life Force

You can find the essence of Life-force energy. From the birds and the bees to plants, flowers and the trees. Frequencies in our thoughts, actions and emotions, and people, places and certain things can often trigger the onset of harmful, stagnant energy. Or the opposite, certain people, placings and things can activate happiness, gratitude and fulfilment.


How much Life-force (also known as Qi/Chi/Prana/Ruach) you have, is a determining factor of your immune system’s ability to handle whatever comes your way, whether it is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Do you know?

We are operating at 1/10,000th of what we are capable of.  So, what does this mean, and how do we increase this?  What do we need to do?

  • Option 1 (Active):

Practice (PGSG) every day,

PGSG ‘Moving Form’ takes 21mins. It is a very simple mediation, which involves the movement of the hands.

  • Option 2 (Passive):

Become a Member of ‘Cultivate Life-force Health System’ (CLFHS)

It’s passive, meaning you don’t have to do anything, I’ll practice PGSG for you.

  • Option 3 (Ultimate):

Do both. Become a member of CLFHS and practice PGSG every day.

Pangu Shen Gong (PGSG)

Pangu (God)

Shen (Spirit)

Gong (to Cultivate)


Cultivate Life-force and temper your heart and soul.

Pangu Shen Gong (PGSG) creates a profound transformation so that physical health is a by-product of a deep healing of wounds and beyond that the expansion of your potential as a human being and of your heart and soul.

For example:  

Like eating? How do we lose weight? You utilise more calories than you consume, you create a discrepancy.  Gradually you will lose body fat, and as you need more fuel, you will convert this body fat into a fuel source.

Energetically this is not sustainable; you want to cultivate more life-force than you are expending to conserve your Life-force.


In response to the Global issue of today: COVID-19, the hysteria and the fear:

  • The hysteria of COVID-19 automatically instils fear, and your energy is consumed at a higher rate, your heart rate may increase, your blood pressure may rise, your worry and anxiety levels may soar.  Therefore your Life-force is exhausted rapidly.

  • Life-force is what keeps you healthy, so FEAR undermines our ability to stay strong.

  • By remaining CALM and not panicking about COVID or any other potential life issues, you allow your Life-force to be healthy (conservation)

Practising Pangu Shen Gong (PGSG) every day helps cultivate Life-force, promotes calm and conserves Life-force while you are doing it.

However practising PGSG every day (21min) may be inhibiting for some, so that is why ‘Cultivate Life-force Health System’ CLFHS was created.


To activate the energy of this practice it's necessary to receive the initial Qi transmission from a qualified Pangu Instructor.

In 2021, I qualified to teach Pangu Shengong moving form.


Online group monthly instruction class's are held at the beginning of each month at a discounted fee of $180NZD, otherwise, one-on-one tuition is NZD$200 in-person or video call

Once you have learned PGSG we are welcome to practice together and there are many group practices happening all over the world, which have a powerful synergy effect

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