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Sep 3, 2023 - Oct 22, 2023

Energy Alchemy 101 - Class Started, see OCT Intake

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Unfortunately, this Class has started, BUT don't worry... please see the "courses" page for the next Intake - Oct 23. We explore Energy Medicine, Quantum Entanglement, and Bioenergetics - the Energetic Systems of the body. Energy medicine is often used to describe healing actions of light-based energy, the direction of flow Kundalini and the interaction of living light energy with the human body. All form of energy medicine, including homeopathic, reiki, tantra and yoga, fall under methods of spiritual and energetic practice. This foundation course is about learning how to become an Energy Alchemist, you will discover how to cultivate, sense, and transform energy. Gain knowledge and experience in: - Skin Walking (Entrainment) - Organ Cavity's and Body Centres - Body Systems - Five Element Theory - Huatuojuiji Spine Points - Timeline Travelling - Pangu Shengong What's involved: - 8 Week Course - Weekly Zoom Class (2hrs) - Sunday's 7pm NZT | Sunday AU/SA | Saturday UK/USA** - Theory and Worksheets - Practical Practice Estimated weekly time: 5 hrs (Zoom class, practical, and theory revision) **Use for local time conversions - Week 1 starts 3rd September, 7pm (1900hrs) Auckland, New Zealand

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Energy Alchemy 101


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